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Holistic Lifestyle

What is it?

Holistic Lifestyle Consultation consists of a brief history of the client's lifestyle habits, as well as a self-report of their current challenges and needs based on each dimension of wellness. I will then advise them on healthy ways to make changes in negative habits and guide them in establishing a plan to work towards reaching their wellness goals. 


What to expect?

Before the Appointment 

You will receive an email with a questionnaire that needs to be complete and email back 24-hours before your scheduled appointment. This questionnaire will cover each dimension of wellness and some demographic information. You must answer each question honestly and accurately. I will use this to gain a better understanding of what your needs will be.



The Appointment

We will discuss your current challenges and healthy ways to improve your situation.  Discuss additional supports that would benefit you in reaching your wellness goals. We will end the appointment with a mindfulness exercise to calm you and prepare you to start your journey to wellness.



After the Appointment...

If you feel you need someone to help support and hold you accountable through your journey to you would benefit from a wellness journey. Click here to learn more about this service.



If you have a good understanding of what to do next but need to check-in, wellness consultation would benefit you. Click here to learn more about this service. 

If you loved the mindfulness exercise but don't feel confident practicing by yourself just yet, you may benefit from, a mindfulness consultation. Click here to learn more about this service.