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Holistic Lifestyle

What is it?

Holistic Lifestyle Consultation consists of an in-depth discussion of the client's history, as well as their current life challenges mentally/emotionally, physically, and spiritually. After meeting with the client,  I develop an individualized wellness plan to assist them in reaching their wellness goals. Each plan will provide the client with healthy daily routines, healthy diet recommendations, physical activity recommendations, and connections to community support beneficial in helping them meet their wellness goals.


What to expect?

The Appointment

We will begin the appointment with a mindfulness exercise to bring your awareness to the session. We will then, discuss your life history, identify current life challenges and develop health and wellness goals you would like to achieve. I will provide a Sage and Palo Santo spiritual cleanse to conclude the consultation. (Please communicate any allergies or smell sensitivities prior to session, using a guided breathing technique)



After the Appointment...

Please allow 4-5 days to receive your detailed  wellness plan via email.

If you feel you need someone to help support and hold you accountable through your journey to you would benefit from a wellness journey. Click here to learn more about this service.



If you have a good understanding of what to do next but need to check-in, wellness coaching session would benefit you. Click here to learn more about this service. 

If you loved the mindfulness exercise but don't feel confident practicing by yourself just yet, you may benefit from, a mindfulness consultation. Click here to learn more about this service.