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My Style

In my journey as a therapist working for agencies, I found myself struggling with wanting to give my clients more. They needed more support around learning skills to manage their symptoms. More accountability for making healthy lifestyle changes. Skills for learning themselves and recognizing unhealthy habits but most of all they needed advice on what to do next in their life.


As a holistic wellness consultant, I view my clients and their lifestyle as a whole and advise them on the best ways to live at their optimal level of wellness. For instance, a person struggling with depression may also be struggling with their purpose in life and with financial responsibilities. I help identify healthy ways to address their depression and educate them on positive coping skills to use daily to reduce intensity of symptoms. Assist them with learning healthy mindfulness practices to connect with their inner selves and find their sense of purpose. Guide them in identifying healthy ways to manage financial responsibilities and recommend them to additional supports, if needed.

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